CMAPPro™ Version 2.0 provides physicians, patients, employers, Third Party Administrators (TPAs) insurance companies, and care management professionals the ability to obtain objective, clinically-useful data regarding soft tissue injuries. CMAPPro manages this through a full suite of proprietary technologies designed to augment medical providers’ clinical expertise.

The Technology

  • CMAPPro is a proprietary assessment tool affording objective evidence based data gathered from the interaction of muscles and nerves while the patient is in motion.
  • CMAPPro complements static tests such as MRIs, CT scans, and X-Rays
  • CMAPPro electronic reports comply with HIPAA and state specific confidentiality guidelines and are reviewed and signed by board certified physicians.

CMAPPro Assessment Features

  • Non-invasive and non-loading
  • Scientific and evidence based
  • Proprietary hardware allows for active assessment
  • Data cannot be manipulated by the patient, technician/provider administering the test

Benefits to Treating Providers

  • Access to previously unavailable objective data to augment treating providers clinical expertise.
  • Data utilized in combination with physical examination to address injured workers subjective complaint.
  • Improved medical outcomes
  • Reduces inherent system friction – provides meaningful data to confirm diagnoses
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Med-Tek deploys CMAPPro™ and it’s proprietary suite of hardware and software services previously unavailable to the medical community that provides positive clinical utility to physicians, insurance companies, case management firms and employers in making case closure of medical claims of patients with STIs.