What is CMAPPro™?

The Comprehensive Muscular Activity Profile (CMAPPro) is a scientifically validated active assessment that provides treating providers with objective and empirical data to complement their clinical expertise.

In the hands of a qualified provider, a more prompt and accurate assessment of neuromuscular injuries is achieved improving patient satisfaction, treatment outcomes and return-to-productivity both at work and at home.

CMAPPro assessments objectively evaluate:

1. Range of Motion (ROM): CMAPPro employs gyroscopic sensors to detect motion and measure patient’s physical abilities and relative motion between two points.

2. Isometric functional strength (FCE) measurements: CMAPPro utilizes proprietary, integrated isometric functional capacity evaluation sensors to measure: lift strength, grip strength, pinch strength and muscle fatigue.

3. High resolution spatial electromyography: CMAPPro assesses the presence and type of muscle firing with proprietary leads to collect meaningful data. The signal to noise ratio (S/N) is high, with a sampling rate at 2000 Hz.

Does CMAPPro have a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Clearance?

Yes, this technology has a 510K clearance with the Food and Drug Administration as a Class II Medical Device.

Does CMAPPro have Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approval?

Yes, this technology has UL approval. All hospitals and most major clinics require UL approval for device placement in their facilities.

Are all CMAPPro assessments administered by a licensed professional?

Yes, all technicians administering CMAPPro are fully trained and receive a Course Certification upon completion.

How long does a CMAPPro assessment take?

The evaluation takes 15-60 minutes depending on the protocol administered.

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CMAPPro™ Version 2.0 provides physicians, patients, insurance companies, and the corporate self insured the ability to obtain objective, clinically-useful data on soft tissue injuries. CMAPPro manages this through the deployment of a full suite of proprietary technologies.